May 18, 2020

A paper introducing the new project 'Conserving the endemic flora of the Carpathian Region' has just been published in Plant Systematics and Evolution.

The paper, co-authored by Michał Ronikier from our Group, presents the background, aims and overview of this international project launched by The Carpathian Research Network with the financial support of the Arcadia Foundation — a charitable fund of Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin, through Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew. The project involves partners from eight countries, working collaboratively in conservation, research and sharing of standardised data for the Carpathian endemic flora. The project comprises three facets: (i) Long-term seed conservation of 500 species, with a focus on endemics, regionally endangered species and range-margin populations from the Carpathians, as an effective measure for the conservation of Carpathian endemics and endangered species; (ii) research focused on selected biosystematic case studies, which will increase our knowledge of the evolutionary processes involved in the origin of the Carpathian flora; (iii) activity of the Carpathian Research Network (CRN), which provides an official framework for pooling, sharing and standardising scientific data on Carpathian endemics from different countries, including development of an online distribution database. More information on the project and the Carpathian Research Network can be found in earlier notes on: the formal start of CRN and the recent CRN meeting in Kraków.


Breman E, Hurdu B-I, Kliment J, Kobiv Y, Kučera J, Mráz P, Pușcaș M, Renaud J, Ronikier M, Šibík J, Schmotzer A, Štubňová E, Szatmari P-M, Tasenkevich L, Turis P, Slovák M, 2020. Conserving the endemic flora of the Carpathian Region: an international project to increase and share knowledge of the distribution, evolution and taxonomy of Carpathian endemics and to conserve endangered species. Plant Systematics and Evolution 306: 59 (2020). DOI