November 26, 2020

With a 2nd place on the ranking list, we were awarded a new project in the last call for OPUS projects of the National Science Centre.

Our new project entitled “Palaeogenomics of Central European refugia: spatio-temporal dynamics of arctic-alpine flora at the interplay of northern and temperate latitudes (PIONEER)” (2021–2024) will be led by Michał Ronikier and Tomasz Suchan from our Group in collaboration with Agnieszka Wacnik (Department of Palaeobotany of our Institute) and with the research group of Prof. Inger Greve Alsos from the University of Tromsø (Norway). We will investigate the role of the Central European mountains in preserving the diversity of arctic-alpine plants during the Last Glacial period and further on until present, using advanced molecular tools to explore DNA variation both in extant populations and in the past (using material conserved in ancient sediments deposited in mountain lakes). You can find more information about the call here and a short description of the project here. More information next year, with the official kick-off of the project!