October 31, 2016

Our project DRYADE carried out within the Polish-Swiss Research Programme (PSRP) since 2012 came to an end. It was a fascinating scientific adventure, strengthening our cordial long-term research links with the Swiss partners and ensuring a lot of great activities – from challenging field works in arctic and high-mountain sites to generation of novel genetic data in the lab.

In fact, even though formally closed, its rich outcomes encompassing many complex data sets will still be successively elaborated and published during next months.

Our project, along with other projects conducted within PSRP, has been nicely and insightfully described and illustrated in a greatly designed book Hiking with Patrons. A Polish-Swiss Adventure with Science published by the agency coordinating PSRP (OPI) and first presented during the Closing Conference of the Programme Innovation Summits that took place in June 2016 (more information can be find here [in Polish only]).

You can read our story entitled Ascending to the heights in an electronic version (PDF) of the above-mentioned publication, which can be downloaded from here.