January 8, 2017

A new paper led by Bogdan-Iuliu Hurdu (Institute of Biological Research, Cluj-Napoca, Romania) and co-authored by Michał Ronikier from our team has been published in Contribuţii Botanice.

It presents new occurrence data for 35 endemic or rare taxa of vascular plants of particular biogeographical interest, recorded in the high-mountain (subalpine and alpine) zone of the Făgăraş Mts. (Southern Carpathians, Romania). Occurrence of these taxa in the study area is also discussed in a wider geographical context, with highlights on their general distribution range and comments on their ecological requirements and presence in other massifs of the Carpathians. As stated in the paper, botanical evidence together with existence of the still well preserved and diverse natural alpine habitats ensuring a long-term shelter for natural populations, all provide a substantial support for the establishment of the postulated Făgăraş National Park.

The paper is freely available at the journal’s website (click a link below).


Bartók A, Hurdu BI, Szatmari P-M, Ronikier M, Puşcaş M, Novikoff A, Bartha L, Vonica G, 2016. New records for the high-mountain flora of the Făgăraş Mts. (Southern Carpathians) with discussion on ecological preferences and distribution of studied taxa in the Carpathians. Contribuţii Botanice 51: 77–153 LINK