May 12, 2017

A new paper co-authored by Tomasz Suchan has been published in Methods in Ecology and Evolution. It presents a modification of the previously published hyRAD method (Suchan et al. 2016) to target a transcriptome, rather than whole genome.

The method has been applied to retrieve genetic markers from Abies alba samples up to 7200 years old, being the first reproducible genome complexity reduction study on subfossil DNA samples of trees, conducted at a moderate cost.

The paper is freely available under Open Access policy at the journal's website (click a DOI link below)


Schmid S, Genevest R, Gobet E, Suchan T, Sperisen C, Tinner W, Alvarez N, 2017. HyRAD-X, a versatile method combining exome capture and RAD sequencing to extract genomic information from ancient DNA. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 8: 1374–1388 DOI