December 5, 2017

The last volume of the Great Encyclopedia of Mountains and Mountaineering (WEGA) has been published in fall 2017.

This seventh volume, containing a supplement to earlier volumes and all indexes, completes this great publishing endeavour undertaken about twenty years ago. The Great Encyclopedia of Mountains and Mountaineering (WEGA, Polish title: Wielka Encyklopedia Gór i Alpinizmu), available in Polish, is the most comprehensive worldwide compendium of information on the mountains of the world and human activities within (mostly those oriented on exploration). It has been edited by Jan and Małgorzata Kiełkowscy and co-authored by a team of experts including Michał Ronikier from our Group. Although not directly stemming from the research activities of the Group, WEGA provides a valuable reference source of information for any mountain-focused science.

Have a look also at the related information on the web page of Stapis, the publisher of WEGA (in Polish).