November 27, 2017

We presented first results of our Antarctic project at the IPSIP conference in Warsaw (17–19 November 2017).

The international conference “Interdisciplinary Polar Studies in Poland” was organized to mark two anniversaries important for the Polish polar research: the 60th Anniversary of the Polish Polar Station in Hornsund, Svalbard (Arctic) and the 40th Anniversary of the Arctowski Polish Antarctic Station, South Shetland Islands (Maritime Antarctic).

Have a look at the conference website conference website for more details.

Our poster:

Saługa M, Ochyra R, Suchan T, Ronikier M, 2017. Insights into biogeographical patterns of the Antarctic moss flora inferred from DNA-based phylogeny of southern pan-temperate Drepanocladus longifolius, and pan-Antarctic endemic Syntrichia sarconeurum. Interdisciplinary Polar Studies in Poland, Warsaw, Poland, 17-19 November 2017. Book of abstracts: 70–71.