June 25, 2018

On 19th of June 2018, Michał Ronikier took part in an international conference ‘Relict Woody Plants: linking the past, present and future’.

The conference took place in Kórnik (Poland). Michał presented an invited talk entitled “Relicts in the cold spots: a phylogeographical view on species, populations and lineages in the European mountain ranges”, with an overview of important aspects brought to the fore by application of phylogeographical tools to studies of biogeographical relicts in cold-adapted species and testing glacial relict symptoms in this group. The meeting – perfectly organized, scientifically sound and with a remarkably friendly ambiance – was organized by the Institute of Dendrology (Polish Academy of Sciences) in the general framework of the Zelkova working group, launched and coordinated by Prof. Gregor Kozlowski from the University of Fribourg (Switzerland). You can find more information on this interesting initiative on the project webpage.

Book of abstracts of the conference can be downloaded here.